Our Testimonials

“Sales pro has helped our business grow by providing a great service in regard to progressing sales through at a fraction of the cost it would have cost to employ a full-time member of staff to progress sales.


They promise to contact all parties weekly on each sale and I have heard nothing but good feedback from buyers, vendors and solicitors due to their proactive approach to make sure sales go through swiftly and smoothly.


I was finding it difficult to give as much time as necessary to progressing sales as we got busier and busier on securing new business. Sales pro have completely lifted this pressure and as it is ‘no exchange, no payment’ there is no worry that in a bad month or two we are losing money anywhere, whereas there would be if we had a full-time member of staff in our office working on progression.


There is always someone to speak to which is reassuring and enables us to provide a fantastic service to our vendors and purchasers meaning we get better reviews and therefore more business!”


Oliver Thomas – Sales Director – Orion Sales & Holidays

“Having seen a surge of instructions back in January, I knew we could be under some serious pressure to properly service our all clients in the coming months. I had a choice: Hire more staff, or out-source Sales Progression.


I spoke to a number of potential service providers and almost gave up. I just didn’t think any outsourced proposed solution would provide the quality of service we are renowned locally for. Fortunately, I came across Sales Pro and it quickly became clear they could offer us a seamless overflow service with very little set-up time, training or cost on our part. Any fears I had about quality of service soon dissipated as Sales Pro began to take on some of our progressions.


Having used them increasingly now for 8 months, I now consider them a vital part of my expansion strategy. And from our customer’s perspective, Sales Pro appear part of the team and indistinguishable from progressions that we manage ourselves. I am delighted with the service thus far and know I can rely on them to look after my clients as good as we do ourselves.”


Mark Bridge – Director – Mark Antony Estates

“So, I started using Sales Pro to manage my sales progression about six months ago. I took a look at my business and found I was spending the most time chasing sales rather than concentrating on new business. I decided to get on board with Sales pro and let them take over. I can honestly say, in 4 years of running my own business I’ve never had so much free time! It has helped massively. not only can I concentrate on new business, it’s taken huge pressure off AND clients are updated far better than i could do on my own.”


Nicholas Cheshire – Director – Nest in Essex

“Sales Pro are an absolutely vital part of our team and pro-actively see our property sales through to a successful completion. Communication is the key to success and they do a great job in keeping our clients fully informed throughout the conveyancing process.

We considered recruiting in-house for the role, but instead opted to out-source to Sales Pro and we haven’t looked back. Well done team and thank you for all your hard work to date.”


Dean Caldon – Director – Grace & Rose

“Due to the significant increase in valuations, instructions and sales, the time had come for us to invest more into our sales progression department to meet the demands we were experiencing daily. This is where Sales Pro caught our eye. We have been absolutely delighted with the service received and so have our clients. The attention to detail and client interaction compliments our service perfectly, which is easily sustained by the white labelling they offer.

Throughout my career, outsourcing sales progression has always been something most agents are concerned about. We can say without doubt that this has been a positive experience for us and has freed up more time for us to gain more instructions and this in turn generates more sales. We have also noticed significant turnaround times from offer to completion, to the point we are now gaining more instructions due to the speed of our sales.

Quite simply, we recommend Sales Pro to any progressive and forward-thinking estate agent.”


Aaron Davies – Branch Manager