How to speed up sales progression – getting everyone on board

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26 Mar How to speed up sales progression – getting everyone on board

There are many people involved in the chain of sales progression and ensuring that everyone is on the same page is essential for your transaction’s success.

Conveyancers, agents, buyers and sellers – many people have a hand in the sale of a property and ensuring sales progression is completed quickly and successfully. When communication between these parties breaks down, it can quickly lead to problems for you as an estate agent or developer.

Our team are experts when it comes to ensuring your sales progression goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end, and work with all parties in the chain to help bridge any gaps. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 0333 014 3163.

Ensuring lawyers and agents work together

During the chain of sales progression, lawyers and agents are both equally important, however, in many cases one side is beholden to the other completing their side of the process. It’s common for estate agents to ask lawyers not only how long the exchange will take, or more commonly, what they can do to help speed things along.

Understanding the conveyancing aspect of sales progression can actually be extremely helpful for estate agents. Our team at Sales Pro understand every requirement for sales progression and ensure both lawyers and agents are at a mutual understanding throughout the process to ensure the highest rate of transaction success.

Outsource your sales progression for instant results

Outsourcing your sales progression can be an excellent way of speeding up completion times as well as reducing fall through rates. Currently, the national average transaction time is an estimated 16 weeks, with a fall through rate of 35%.

We’ve managed to slash these figures to a more respectable transaction time of 12 weeks, alongside fall through rates of just 12%. This means that by outsourcing your sales progression to us, you could be making over double the amount of successful transactions!

The key to our success? Keeping communication channels open with every contributor on the sales progression chain. We liaise with lawyers, clients and agents to ensure property transactions are carried out promptly and without delay! To find out more about our white label sales progression outsourcing service, contact us today!

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