How to get your agency’s sales progression up and running

why you need sales progression outsourcing

15 Feb How to get your agency’s sales progression up and running

Making the most of new technology by outsourcing is the best way to get your agency’s sales progression moving in today’s fast-moving market.

Sales progression has been the bane of many an agency’s existence, taking up hours of company time to process existing sales, dealing with potential fall through rates, and taking time away from generating important new sales. Outsourcing companies like the team at Sales Pro are revolutionising the way sales progression is done, using the latest technologies to speed up the process and keep fall through rates as low as possible.

Sales progression outsourcing – a new market growing fast

Sales progression outsourcing companies are relatively new on the scene, however, the demand for them is growing fast. Some agencies are looking for guidance and advice at every stage of the transaction process, whilst others are simply looking for someone to help push their transactions through as quickly as possible. Whatever your agency’s requirements, outsourcing your sales progression holds amazing possibilities and potential for your business, so you can focus on growth and sales.

Why has outsourcing sales progression become so popular?

Simply put, agencies have begun to realise that focusing on sales progression themselves is often more trouble than it’s worth. Just one property transaction can involve up to 20 stakeholders consisting of buyers, sellers, agents, solicitors and lenders, and up to 70 individual tasks between offer and completion.

With the average industry fall through rate sitting at over a third, it’s no wonder that agencies are unmotivated by the prospect. In comparison, we have reduced our fall through rate to an average of just 12% across all our clients – proof that sales progression in experienced hands has huge benefits.

Sales progression outsourcing teams like ours have the time, expertise and technology to ensure that your property transactions are carried out in no time and in the right way, for less cost than employing a dedicated staff member. This means that you can continue focus on what you’re interested in – negotiating brand new sales!

For more information regarding our sales progression services, don’t hesitate to contact Sales Pro today – we are happy to answer your enquiries.

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