How to exceed your property sales targets with outsourcing

beat property sales targets with oursourcing

30 Jan How to exceed your property sales targets with outsourcing

Outsourcing your sales progression work is an excellent way for estate agents to exceed their property sales targets, by freeing up time and resources to go after more sales. As an estate agent, lengthy post-sale administration work is simply a given, and a necessary part of the job. Unfortunately, all this admin work means that you have less time and resources to invest in generating those all-important new leads and sales to help grow your business and beat those property sales targets.

How can outsourcing sales progression help your estate agency exceed sales targets?

This is where outsourcing comes in! Delegating all those administration hours to an external company like Sales Pro frees up your time and staff to go after even more property sales. Outsourcing is totally cost-effective, as you have access to a whole team of sales progression experts for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a full-time member of staff.

We provide a fully white-labelled service, which means that when we work on your behalf we are seen as a part of your company by clients, solicitors and mortgage brokers alike. We have total confidence in our sales progression capabilities and have a proven track record for reducing fall through rates to just 11% and reducing sales progression times from the average of 14 to just 9.5 weeks.

Find out more by watching our video below!


Has sales progression been holding your estate agency back? Struggling to meet property sales targets? Then outsourcing with Sales Pro is the perfect solution! Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0333 014 3163 to get started.

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