How it works

Our step by step ‘White Labelled Service’:

Estate Agent
Agent attends the valuation and gains the instruction.
Agent conducts viewings at the property and subsequently agrees sale.
Memorandum of sale is sent to SalesPro along with instruction form.


Sales Pro
Buyer and seller immediately contacted and everything is explained to them along with approximate timescales and what is expected from them.

Ensure that buyer and seller have instructed their solicitors and everything is paid for and up to date.

Ensure that contract has been sent and received on both sides.

Update buyer and seller.


Estate Agent
Arrange mortgage valuation (if required).
Arrange building survey (if required).


Sales Pro
Chase mortgage offer.
Chase survey results.
Ensure that searches have been paid for and submitted and enquiries raised.
Ensure that search results are in and enquiries have been answered.
Update buyer and seller.
If any issues with searches or additional enquiries assist with these.
Update buyer and seller.
Ensure that contract has been signed.
Ensure that buyer has transferred deposit.
Agree a completion date with parties.
Update buyer and seller.
Exchange of contracts.
Update clients and request a testimonial for the service they have received (this will be in your companies name for marketing purposes).


Note – Sales Pro will only deal with progression, naturally any renegotiations due to survey results will be referred back to the agent to negotiate with vendor. The agent will also have to book in any surveys required at the property.


White Labelled Service – Throughout the transaction the buyer and seller believe they are dealing with your companies sales progression department.